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Since 1989, Kim and I have been buying, remodeling, and selling houses in Dallas/Fort Worth. Homes R Russ, Inc. is the vehicle through which we actively invest in real estate utilizing a variety of purchasing and exit strategies. The systems we use in addition to our network of experts allows us to minimize our risks while maximizing our profits.

Homes R Russ, Inc. provides education for individuals who are looking for alternative investments and want to take advantage of the HOT DFW real estate market! Our network of Passive Investors enjoys returns with little to no effort in the field.

Because of our passion for learning and commitment to education, we began our REI Meetups to offer educational topics about real estate systems, tools and trends to help our members Crush It! in DFW and North Texas. Our Active Investors meet once a month for seminars, consultation with other real estate investment professionals and share successes, experiences and potential investment opportunities.

No matter which type of investor you are, our primary goal is to equip you with the knowledge to make educated real estate investment decisions. We understand making sound investments is paramount to improving your long term financial portfolio.




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